iconFrequently Asked Questions

What is BillPayForCoins?

BillPayForCoins is an online service that allows you to pay bills and invoices by using your spare change.  BillPayForCoins uses a payment information database, where all your information is securely kept which saves you time and money—no more running down to the change counter, waiting in line, paying 8 to 10 percent, then depositing the cash and finally writing those checks; no more rushing to the post office to mail your bills; and no more late fees!  Because BillPayForCoins lets you pay your bills when it is convenient for you—anytime, anywhere as long as you have some spare change in the couch cushions to pay with.

Who can I pay?

Pretty much anyone who gives you a bill or invoice to pay.  Utilities, credit cards, home & auto loans, rent, State & Federal taxes, brokerage, tickets, insurance and student loans.  A list can be searched here.  And you can add new payees at any time.

Is there a fee for using BillPayForCoins?

1.99% Fee Currently ($2.49 min; $75 max).  Check out our fees page here.

How do I Pay my bills?

You may submit your bills using the Pay Page.  Simply follow the directions on that page, fill out the form and then mail us your change.

What kinds of coins do I need in order to use BillPayForCoins?

United States coins.  BillPayForCoins takes any denomination, any year and in any condition.  And we even take those golden dollar coins that nobody else likes.  Heck, we will even count your half dollars too!

Who can I pay using BillPayForCoins?

Until we expand further, any payments that you wish to pay through BillPayForCoins.com must be to a Biller located in the United States.

Is there a limit as to how many bills I may pay per month?

No, you may use BillPayForCoins to make an unlimited number of payments.

How are refunds/cancellations handled?

Though we never anticipate it, if this issue comes up, all Cancellations/Refunds will be given in USD.  We will mail you a check.  You got your change counted, so you are STILL ahead of the game!

What is the maximum dollar amount for a BillPay payment?

Although the primary limit is the amount of physical change you can ship to us, we currently have a limit of $9,000 dollars per customer per day.  Bill payments will be paid within 5 business days.