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About the Bill Pay for Coins Bitcoin Debit Card:

If you are interesting in being able to text bitcoin and dollars between cellular phones, you have come to the right place!  In addition, you can buy and sell bitcoin via text messaging.  Finally, you will be able to transfer dollars to and from your debit card, so that bitcoin can effectively be spent at any point of sale.

These cards can be used worldwide at approximately 100 million points of sale that accept VISA/MasterCard.

To watch a video on how the text messaging portion works, click here.

Help document overview of text messaging commands: Help Document

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A quick comparison between our card and a couple of our competitors:
BP4CCompetitor ACompetitor B
Purchase Card  $30 USD $60 USD$15 USD
Card Load Fee Free$1Free
Card Unload Fee Freeimpossibleimpossible
ATM Withdrawl $2.99> of 1% or $3> of 1% or $3
Mobile Phone to Mobile Phone via SMS Commands
USD XFER < 15 secimpossibleimpossible
 Currency Conversion 0.5% 5.0% (web only)  1.5% (web only) 
BTC XFER < 15 secimpossibleimpossible
Balance Check Freeimpossibleimpossible

No fee to pre-order, no funds collected until you are notified shipping is commencing.
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