icon About us

Why we standout in a crowd?

  • Professional

    Though we may love to have fun, we take our business seriously.

  • Philosophy

    Our philosophy is simple.  Make it possible to use Bitcoins for anything you ever could need to pay for.

  • Core Ideas

    Simplicity, Speed and Great Value!

icon The Team

  • Mark Vick
    Mark VickPartner, Bitcoin Enthusiast, Lead Developer

    "Faster, cheaper, better."

    Mark is a computer programmer believes that bitcoin is a currency whose time has come.  Hoping to help bring bitcoin to the forefront of modern society by making bitcoin easier to use and more accessible than ever before.
  • Grant Brown
    Grant BrownPartner, Banking Specialist
    Grant has spent over 15 years in the bill presentment and payment space.  He has led multiple successful startups, established world-class bill payment organizations and provided consulting services on bill payment/presentment, treasury services and regulatory requirements to the world's largest billers.

We could always use help making bitcoin more usable.

Shoot your resume to jobs@BillPayForCoins.com.